On today’s FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas discuss a fairly boring day of international ball. Topics include: Nenad Krstic’s double-double return, Patty Mills’ rough day, Team USA’s big win over Iran, “Boris Baskets” in blue, crazy Lithuanian fans and more.


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Comments (5)

  1. glad to see you guys back. i’ll be honest i don’t really know anything about international ball, (just nba for me) but listening to you guys talk about this fiba tournament and being fairly lost i can’t help but be reminded of that goof video you guys made of the draft a couple years ago where tas was sporting a ‘stache. where you guys just bs’d ur way thru that segment lol. i’m sure u know what ur talking about this time tho

  2. Boris Diaw, border line all star? Giving Tas the benefit of the doubt, and he meant Diaw’s best year (05-06) in which Diaw put up 13.3ppg, 6.9 rpg, 6.2 apg, 1bpg, 52% fg, in 35 min a game; he’s STILL not an all-star haha There is a laundry list of forwards better than him now and back then.

  3. off-topic question: will the vimeo player return sometime soon?

  4. I don’t understand why this tournament shouldn’t be the basketball equivalent of the fifa world cup. They don’t need 32 teams, 24 is enough at the moment, but they should look at allocating the talent of the countries better ie. less asian teams like Lebanon and more European teams like Italy. They should also play the tournament over a longer period (i.e at least 3 weeks) and have more time off between games to increase the quality of the games (give time to assess opponents, recovery from minor injuries, give greater meaning to the games for the fans etc). An example would be to play group A games on day 1, group B day 2… then maybe 4 games a day for the round of 16), then 2 games ad day (qtr finals), 1 game semis etc.

    The Olympics should not be seen as the ultimate international prize as a team gold is the equivalent of a 100m breast stroke race or a hammer throw. i.e. it is just one of 100′s of events.
    Ideally the nba would reduce the regular season to say 75 games to allow for this, which may encourage more nba stars to participate. The worldwide talent is there and the fans not far behind. It just needs to marketed and managed properly.

  5. A WIYAH HANGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELONTE IS BACK!!! Can we please get a whole Jones episode on this. What a collection of personalities.

    The Turkey Talk is great, but I really think it seems perfectly reasonable to devote a full show (maybe even a full overdose) to the new look Cs. Please do it. I’m living in California now for about a month now. People are too happy and don’t care enough about sports…..and the ones who do like the Lakers. I need this.

    The man will play with a sock.

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