On today’s FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas try their best to figure out the elimination round matchups. Topics include: Serbia’s late-game defensive strategy, Luis Scola’s MVP touch, whether Eric Gordon should replace Billups in Team USA’s starting lineup, New Zealand’s surprise winning streak, that bizarre Greece-Russia game, quirky announcers and more.


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Comments (10)

  1. Forget the double rainbow; can we get a “double teapot” autotune to introduce the next Turkey Talk episode? Happy Labo(u)r Day, fellas.

  2. Why thank you Tas. I am enjoying my tea.

  3. thank you for correcting tas there matt…

  4. “Ooooh, Double Teapot!”

    Can that please be put on the next TBJ Shirt!

  5. Just wanted to say that was a great episode. Good energy.

  6. To beat the states you just let them shot and pack the lane…

  7. Great show! Word @Douglas–the energy was great. You guys are in a casual version of Playoff form. Its like summer camp for TBJ.

  8. I cant wait till this stupid new zealand dance starts a riot one day,
    It almost did in Indy in 2002 when a coach from the opposing team start screaming at the dancing fruitcakes and grabbed his crotch in response. Which lets face it, is part of the cultural makeup of many nations and is of equal value.
    Why dont the greeks fire up the bouzouki or dance the Kalamatiamos which is used in various social gatherings?
    Im sure the african countries have some zulu like warrior dances they can use, they have plenty of them.
    Then you have a danceoff before the game and call it the gay games.

    You want to show respect?
    In most civilized countries, you shake someones hand, maybe bow or just wave a hand or throw a gang sign (!).
    Enough with these retards and their dancing.
    Other countries have rich cultures (or richer) and dont feel the need for them.
    This is “look at me” BS at its worst but its ‘cultural’.
    Yeah, so are the italian salutes,,,,

    There are professional whores available at games for our dancing needs.
    Let the pros do their jobs, stick to the basketball and shut the eff up.

    Its your culture?

    I got your culture… right here!! (points at crotch, then grabs it.).

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