On today’s FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas recap the first round of elimination games/cottage fun. Topics include: Scola’s video-game-like performance, that curious Serbia-Croatia ending, Spain’s aggressive switch to zone D, whether Yi “makes a jump” this NBA season, RISK and more.


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  1. Argentina’s big 3 are actually Scola, Delfino and Prigioni.

  2. I was talking more about international experience/age, but he’s right there, too.

  3. I’m from Australia and we are in the oceanic region, but in the soccer world cup we play in the Asian region cause we’re trying to weasel our way into hosting the world cup soonish.
    So even we don’t understand what’s going on at times. Nor really care.
    We are Australian remember.

  4. Markus is right, Scola is the beast, but Prigioni makes que team run. We have no chance to win a game if Prigioni doesn’t play good, and he’s been great…

    Take into account that Prigioni and Scola played together for 4-5 years in TAU Cerámica in Spain, and they won the spanish championship, european championship and everything they played with a solid pick-and-roll between them…

    So that’s why you notice that Prigioni has a “Scola Radar” on all the time, they know each other perfectly…

  5. Hey Tas and Skeets,

    Don’t know what network you are watching these games on but on espn3 the commentary is hilarious. It makes watching these games 1000 times better. Even blowouts are not that bad, the things these two guys say is classic. They know nothing about basketball and is it really TUR-KAG-GLU?


    • We’re watching on the FIBA web stream, Grant, but by the sound of our laughter, I think we’re getting the same feed. One of us just breaks out in to laughter about every 2 minutes. “He dribbled it through his legs!” “There isn’t anyone like him!” I love it.

  6. :D wrong with srbija

  7. Grant, it’s “Tür-ko-lu”. Turks don’t like the sound of the “g”.

  8. Hey Markus,

    Thats what I thought, but apparently the commentators don’t…. lol Turkey keeps winning so I have to keep listening to this guy say his name wrong.

    Thanks for responding Tas, I haven’t laughed this hard since Bill Walton was a commentator.

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