On today’s new FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas recap another international classic: Serbia-Spain. Topics include: “Teen Wolf” Teodosic’s deep game-winner, Espanola’s questionable final inbounds play, whether this should be considered an upset, Serbia’s funny shooting numbers, Vasquez’s defense, magic, pockets, an angry RaptorsTV rant, and, um, Turkey destroying Slovenia. Huzzah!


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Comments (11)

  1. Commercials? Seriously?

  2. Mellow, the video is still free for you to watch. I hope you think we’re worthy enough to sit through 15 seconds of that guy with the cool voice.

  3. Russia does not have anyone to stop US guard penetration, however US might have trouble defending Russian bigs, particularly Mozgov who is having a nice tournament. If Russia is able to keep the tempo from getting out of control and feeding the bal inside to their bigs then it could a close game, otherwise – US by 30.

  4. The only good thing about this years Spains basketball team is Pau Gasol’s lovely lady.

  5. Tas, I know the show is free and I appreciate that greatly. And I think the second part of your comment contains a rhetorical question because you know damn well that the Jones is worthy enough for me to sit through 15 seconds of that other crap.

    Though, I just don’t see why it is necessary for the Score to ‘milk’ everything out of the Jones. You guys are already promoting other Score-bloggers, the Score-logo is visible in every show, the blog already has advertising banners and – most importantly – the Jones probably brings thousands of visitors to this site every day. Ain’t that enough?

    I’ll definitely keep watching but the commercials certainly don’t make the show more enjoyable. And what’s next? “Wanker of the Week proudly presented by Kleenex”?

    Just my two cents…

    • Shucks! You have deciphered why I pulled out that Kleenex / gray tissue from my grand pocket. We were trying to bring it along slowly. Thanks, Mellowman.

      When it comes down to it, it’s a business. If The Score can make off ads without pissing our fanbase off too much, then they will. Hopefully you can understand that.

  6. Shit they’d be even richer if Kleenex sponsored them.

  7. USA 89, Russia 79. I was close.

  8. Never thought anyone would ever bitch this much over a 15 second ad. I would watch the Jones after a 15 minute ad. Great show guys, keep up the awesome work.

  9. @JJ: If there was a way to type out the noise that emerges when someone is ass-kissing then that’s what you’d be reading here.

    @Tas: I certainly understand. Just felt like sharing my opinion regarding commercials since obviously no one else has the balls to share theirs. I mean seriously, who can honestly tell me that they enjoy commercials?

    I promise to leave it at that. Now I’m going to enjoy today’s Turkey Talk.

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