On today’s final FIBA World Championship episode, Skeets and Tas wrap up an incredible two weeks of international ball. Topics include: USA’s gold winning defense, Durant’s unstoppable jumper, “Ghost Hedo,” our All-FIBA 2010 First and Second Teams, FIBA rules we’d like to see the NBA adopt, and much, much more. Thanks for watching, friends.


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  1. I love the ideas on timeouts and shot clock violations. I think the NBA will run into a big problem, though, implementing FIBA timeout rules because certain coaches (Phil Jackson comes to mind) really do use timeouts to influence the course of games rather than just using them to draw up a play.

  2. great show guys. hey does the audio for the advertisement overlap during the show for anybody else but me. i don’t see it but i hear talks of bud light in the beginning while u guys are in the middle of basketball talk lol

  3. @illmatic – Didn’t happen to me but we’ll check on it. Thanks.

  4. Hey guys. Awesome show. People in Serbia are still looking for closure after the loss in the semis. Check out this video. Tunceri stepped on the line before scoring the last two points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7y9SNNeeZU&feature=player_embedded#!

  5. you were great all through the tournament and thank you for the insight into great game experience.

    one final note though, turkcell is a gsm operator in turkey.

  6. Couldn’t agree more about the timeouts and 40 minute game. I really feel like if the NBA and FIBA games took the best from both sides we could have one great, truly global game. Looks like we’re going towards that with the end of the trapezoid lane and extended 3 point line in FIBA, so it’s down to the NBA to let go of some of that money from commercials and…… oh wait I just realised what I said, it’ll never happen……

  7. Hey guys great show and I am going to miss this tournament. Yes i am turkish but i am also pretty happy the USA “B” team won. Iggy, Durant, and Billups had a great tournament along with wes, eric, and odom. I agree that the NBA should consider these “skeets” rules and also Turkcell is not a battery company.. its a no contract phone company, but just as big and popular as ur typical motorola or sprint.

  8. Really good podcast. Agree with a lot, except no to 40 minutes, and Teodosic to NBA – he’d foul out of every game in the 1st half, he’s got an unbreakable habit of reaching in, which caused him problems in this tournament as well. The Serbian coach is aware of it and has talked to him, it works for a minute, and then REACH… He can’t break it, but, the reason for it in the first place is he’s getting beat, so he reaches in..

    Also, the timeouts, I’m in the middle on that, but tend to agree with the lessening of them in general. Besides, how many friggin’ times have you seen teams come out of a time out and then as the offensive team, turn it over or launch up some crap! Yeah, needed a time out for that genius play.

    I thought this was one of the best podcasts yet. You guys are getting good at this!
    I also completely agree with you about, if you’re a hoops fan, you had to watch the FIBA. Maybe it is from living in Europe these past 15 years, but, I loved it, while my buddies in Chicago, die-hard Bulls guys, didn’t watch it! I just don’t get it!

    Lastly, is some of the criticism I’ve read and heard about Derrick Rose fair?
    Can we really judge him from this diminished role, in a handful of FIBA games?
    There was downright panic on the Bulls message boards on this topic. I still see him
    as a top 5 point guard in the league right now. He may never go Kobe-LeBron elite, but, Melo-Chris Paul status I think, in that tier.
    Enjoy the “off-season” guys, and see you when it fires up again soon! GO BULLS!

  9. @illmatic-1

    I also had this problem. If you pause the video, the commercial will keep playing – then play the video again when the commercial is done. FYI, Matt, I use Firefox, in case that info would help.

  10. Great show, but please never say that Hedo was the Kevin Durant of the Turkish team., even if you’re just saying he was the best player. I’m a Raps fan and after this season, the name “Michael Jordan of Turkey” is dead. I’m ok with something like “the Greg Oden of Turkey.”

  11. I would be interested in seeing the B-Deem team and Redeem team squaring off. The B-Deem team members seemed to have better-defined roles, and better rotations. Given two years to prepare, I wonder who would fare better. Sure, the Redeem team is much more talented, but I think it would still be a fun match to watch.

  12. Oh, there is NO WAY you can reduce the number of time-outs, unless you make each time-out longer because the NBA is a business. They need their sponsors.

  13. Hey, it’s Emre from Turkey. “Turkey Talk” was a great show, thank you. I’ve been watching since tournament started. I’m gonna miss the tournament also your show.

    Anyway, what about commenting on Euroleague games, at least top 16 or top 8 rounds? It’s gonna start 18th of October. As you know, most of young people in Europe especially in Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Greece etc. are going crazy for Basketball nowadays. I think it’s gonna be perfect for you that you’re gonna have so many readers from Europe. Please think about it.

  14. Great wrap-up. I think that I might have a new favourite ending quote now. Keep it coming, Tas.

  15. I couldn’t agree more with the timeout comment Skeets mentioned. Coaching is the art of preparation and substitution. (practice? you’re talking about practice?) Billups becomes the coach on the floor. Also agree with the shot clock whistle comment. Now if we could just get rid of the intentional foul, hoops would have a 5th gear! Good show guys! Glad you mentioned Delfino! Scola and Delfino rocked the house throughout the tournament. I think Rudy Fernandez lost a bit of trade value with his game though. Have a great break guys!

  16. co-sign on the timeouts, shot clock and 40 minute games. the nbl (aus national league) has had 10 minute quarters and it just makes for a more compact game…unfortunately they’re switching to 12 minute quarters next season.

    also wouldn’t mind the nba trying the goal tending rules out as well…

  17. No 40 minute games cuz:

    1. No triple-double for LBJ (makes headlines)
    2. No 50 point games for players (except Kobester back in the day)
    3. Stats kept since the 50′s (no longer comparing a players stats to Wilt Chamberlain or MJ – per game).

    The 24sec violation is a no-brainer though. Implement it, commish.

    Thanx guys for doing this throughout the tournament. Made me feel a little less like a basketball nerd knowing someone else is watching.

  18. Brilliant. I’ll be dreading what’s left of this pre-NBA anxiety

  19. FIBA tourney was fantastic, loved the shows too

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