2K Sports has released the third of several planned trailers for NBA 2K11. This one features Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook and Josh Smith paying tribute to Jordan with screams and a NERF basketball net.

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  1. Love Russell’s stanky face

  2. I feel like this whole “play as Jordan” thing has been around for a decade.

  3. Jordan hasnt even been in many games at all. Maybe just Bird vs Jordan and one of the NBA street games. This game is all about Jordan, cant wait

  4. What’s going on with that stupid mohawk on Westbrook? Do you have to unlock that as a special feature? And does anyone else find it weird that when Jordan dunks on OKC Westbrook is sort of enjoying it way too much.

  5. Is it just me or the dunks and the overall graphics of the actual game are hideous?!?!

  6. why are the sonics in the game? i swore i would never buy another nba game without the sonics in it so does the zombie sonics have throwback jerseys to something that doesnt look like shit?interesting…

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