04.10.10: TBJ Launch Day

Hold on tight, Rocket Man. Hold. On. Tight. The Basketball Jones officially kick-off their fifth year of NBA coverage tomorrow, Monday, October 4th. Stay tuned all day as the new-and-improved team takes the covers off some of their exciting plans for the 2010-11 NBA season. It’s gonna be a party y’all …

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  1. finally!! haha. i’m confused about the title tho, shouldn’t it be 10.04.10 instead? i know what it means tho. YEAH yert kerbs in tha mutha fuckin’ house!! why do i get the feeling we’re gonna be seeing KD over here pretty soon. lol

  2. More awesome commentary on basketball, yessss.

  3. “new and improved team”

    Got something to do with Trey Kerby? What about Scott Carefoot and Holly MacKenzie?

  4. illmatic-1showing he is from America. The international way of showing the date is day/month/year, unlike us in the US going month/day/year. It can get confusing.

    This is the best news. Can’t wait to see all surprises with the new team.

  5. I’m as excited as that rocket man looks…

    Why does this picture make me feel like I’ve just walked in on an intimate moment between him and his device?

    “TBJ – Fueled by chrome flavoured bursts of gas”


    I’ve been waiting for this all off-season, now I will finally have something of value to listen to as I walk to school.


  7. Just noticed that Trey’s TBJ avatar is up. What’s the consensus? Terrifying or extremely terrifying? That does not look like the “chill bro” I was promised.

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