Hi, I'm Trey Kerby

Suuuuuup, bros

You already know Skeets and Tas. You kind of know JD and Matt. But me? I’m the mystery man with the enormous face. Also, I’m Trey Kerby, the humble editor of The Basketball Jones’ Internet web log. Pleased to figuratively meet you.

Here’s a tiny background about me: Born in Illinois, lived in Illinois, started blogging in Illinois and currently am blogging from Illinois for the time being.

Here’s a slightly more expanded one that’s a bit more relevant: I ran The Blowtorch back in the day and people had some laughs about it, then when The Score picked up The Basketball Jones I swooped in to Skeets’ old position as editor of Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie. Now, I’m here and am very excited and am just as shocked as you about how high-pitched my screaming is. Yikes.

Anyway, I’ve been tasked with guiding you through the NBA through the use of words, pictures, zings and smiles. And that last part is the most important, if you ask me. Smiling is basically my favorite thing in the world, so if I can put a basketball-related smile on your face a few times a day, I’ll be pretty happy. The NBA is really, really great for two reasons:

1) Basketball is awesome and NBA basketball is particularly awesome. Double awesome, technically.
2) There are a bunch of weirdos in the league, and by “weirdos” I mean “interesting personalities.”

There’s a lot to work with when it comes to professional basketball, and it’s my goal to find the very best and put it in your computer’s face. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

So yeah, TBJ has a blog now and while I’ll be the main bro behind it, I’m not all alone because Scott Carefoot, Holly MacKenzie and Megan Wilson will be contributing as well. And, of course, Skeets and Tas will be popping in from time to time with little posty-posts here and there. Not to mention, the daily show, a weekly audio show and random viral videos. We’re taking things to a whole next level.

Last but not least, if you want to get in touch with me, send me some tips, or just talk about how much you like the new Black Milk record, shoot me an electronic mail message at trey [dot] kerby [at] thescore.com or all of us at TBJ@thescore.com. Or, if you’re totally with it, follow me on Twitter. So many wisecracks over there, you guys.

In the wise and radio-friendly words of will.i.am and Fergie, “Let’s get it started in here.” (Sorry.)