Oh, you thought we were done droppin’ knowledge bombs today? Please.

The Basketball Jones is coming to Canadian television! Every Thursday, starting October 28, Skeets and Tas will be appearing in your home like their names were MacLean and Cherry. If you’re an international viewer — fear not! — we’ll make sure to upload as much of the show as possible to the web.

In the meantime, enjoy this sweet promo and stay tuned for more later this week.

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  1. Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Congrats!!!! that’s GREAT!

  3. Glad to hear that guys, you deserve it!

  4. Great stuff dudes! I’ll be watching.

  5. So the news is that Tas is Mr. Mistoffelees?

    jk congrats!

  6. This is fantastic news!! Congrats and tear it up!

  7. Congrats and a question:

    I have the Score’s iPad app – will the show (the TV content) be available on that?

  8. @Amin – I prefer Mike The Situation.

    @Brian – The web and iPad app are in the same boat – we’ll try and get as much as we can up on both platforms, it depends on a few things.

  9. Thanks Tas. I’m really excited for you guys!

  10. Pretty damn awesome… Congrats!

  11. wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing news, guys!!!! Many congrats!!!

  12. ps Melas, is that a spray tan you are sporting?

  13. Man, I knew Canada was light years ahead of us….in a perfect world this would be daily NBA coverage on the major networks.

    well…at least these guys + Barkley.

  14. Looking Great Tas… but I expect a Posse

  15. Finally!
    I wrote to the Score a long time ago and said you guys needed a show of your own.
    On TV.
    There is a God, or a higher power, or justice, or… well let’s just say there is TBJ!

  16. Not gonna say we called it.. but we kinda did.


    Congrats guys!

  17. lmaoo “SHUT UP AUSTIN!!”

  18. Congrats. Loving all the new changes to the site too. I’m going to have to train myself to come here multiple times a day now for news as well as the usual videos. Between the usual crew, the contributors + the addition of Trey, this site is pretty much perfect.

  19. Nice work guys! I’m surprised the Melas make-up job didn’t inspire more screaming fits.

    Also, is TBJ really the world’s most watched basketball podcast!?!? Amazing.

  20. w00t congratulations…

    …as long as “as much of the show as possible” means all of the show that matters. ditto on the radio show?

  21. George Hamilton Tas Melas…hmmm….better to just do 3 ouzo laden weeks on a Greek Isle and come into the season in game shape! It’s just a matter of time before you guys are hosting SNL. What is in the water in Toronto anyway? Whatever it is, it gushes comedy into the States via SNL….I think Trey will bring the missing editorial finesse to the jones. You guys rock! Skeets is the dawn of FM radio shock jock! Trey is the perfect choice for the jones to go to the next level! This move ranks right up there with the return of Steve Kerr to the analysis of the nba season! Congrats to the jones staff and look forward to the season

  22. tbj used to be underground, now they’re just sellout. making tracks about their cars, money and ho’s. I remember back in the days when they had those dirty beats and were rapping in jd’s kitchen. now it’s all about pushing product.

    congrats guys, you deserve it

  23. Skeets+Tas+Kerbz=yes

    Awesome promo. Can’t wait for the carnage.

  24. please for gods name, the guy that looks turkish, please do a recreation of the turkgolu pizza pizza comerical. it will be the best thing that hits television.

  25. “[...] we’ll make sure to upload as much of the show as possible to the web. [...]” Meaning no full shows online??

  26. Yeah I’m wondering what this means as to the full shows online, I can’t not watch the Jones online every night once the season starts.

  27. We dont get The Score (and with three other sports stations that show poker 10 times a week, darts, bowling and 8 straight hrs of the same 30min newscasts, Im looking to dump crappy sports stations not add them) here but its ok, RSS is the only way to fly.

    Let’s hope this doesnt change anything with the podcast (and video).

    As for being in our homes like the other two: which one of you will be the ass kissing sycophant yesman and who will be the xenophobic, jingoist blowhard closet homosexual? (tas already has that same too-much-time-spent facial manscaping like the old bigot, now if he can find Liberace’s old clothes, he will be set)

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