Rip it up and start again, my friends. This is the biggest season in TBJ history.

That’s right, The Basketball Jones is now a full service NBA blog. Not only are you going to get the same daily TBJ videos you know and love, you’re also going to get some of the web’s best basketball writers breaking down every trade, story and Hedo Turkoglu sighting there is.

We are pleased to announce that Trey Kerby (formerly of Y! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie) will be editing the new and improved blog, with Scott Carefoot, Holly MacKenzie and Megan Wilson all contributing their talents.

It’s a whole new game at TBJ.

Check out the official press release, fancy pants.

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  1. That’s a fucking awesome piece, guys.

    Did Trey get a work visa?!

    Anyway, stoked to follow you guys again this year.

    Can we still say “fuck” around here if it’s in good nature?


  2. F’ing fantastic.

  3. Awesome. Can’t wait for things to get going.

  4. Brilliant hire. Welcome, TK. Looking forward to the added hilarity at TBJ.

  5. Awesome. That must’ve been obnoxious/awesome/hilarious to film.

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  7. So, the score is now a team of super-friends! Can’t wait to see what the accumulated talent does. Hope Tas is not replaced mid-season by freedarko or Pat Riley.
    Nearly missed the hilarious video though (damn Google Reader doesn’t recognize anything other than youtube embeds). Could you please mention a link to the blogpost if there’s video?

  8. That was great. Definitely looking forward to the new season.

  9. @VS

    The fact that our player doesn’t embed in Google Reader is a problem we’re working to fix. Please bear with us. We’ll try and link in the meantime.

  10. Did Trey leave the door open for Kelly Dwyer on the way in?
    Cause heating bills will get you in Canada so I’ve heard.

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  12. This year is going to be insane.

    Word out of Boston is that KG is taking home MVP hardware this season.

  13. THAT was fucking brilliant guys! Pure genius. Well done sirs. Well done. Can’t stop laughing.

  14. I haven’t seen a top spin like that in a decade plus. Thanks for changing that TBJ!

  15. Agreed on the top spin, the Kerby signing, and the Shirt Selection.

    Does this mean less JD in front of the Camera? That could be bad.

  16. AMAZING. So glad I found this blog.

  17. Anybody else getting ‘the selected item is not currently available’?

  18. Guys, what’s the chance you’ll get the store back up and running? I want more t-shirts.

  19. I’m getting ‘the selected item is not currently available’ as well. Bummer

  20. that was ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  21. Classic Jones. Some of your finest work yet. I don’t know how many times I’ve viewed that clip. Never stops being ridiculously funny. Maybe Trey planted his scream somewhere in my subconscious as i slept this off-season prior to his joining The Jones. Knowing, an already longtime TBJ fan would hear that shriek, and instantly, become a fan for life. Good business move guys. Tell me, how many layers down am I? Keep the dream going. I’ll buy a shirt.

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  24. Matt?? Matt??? Is that you?? Still laughing….very VERY funny…amazing stuff especially for people who actually accidentally went to see inception twice! (we forgot we saw it, you know) Might have to actually break down and watch the blog!! Good job over there!!

  25. Skeets screaming like a girl never gets old.

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