Video: These rookies look ready

It seems obvious that rookies would be good in the preseason. They are young and athletic, hungry to prove themselves and they get tons of reps so that their coaches no what they have on their hands. Put those three things together and you have a perfect recipe for outstanding practice highlights.

And just because it’s only practice, that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive. I mean, c’mon, John Wall is doing 360 layups in full speed practices. That’s not something that’s supposed to happen, ever.

Yep, that’s real and that’s amazing. Everything about it, from the quickness he used to get to the hoop to the fact that he actually finished that layup pretty easily. Oh, not to mention, he completely spun in the air around one guy and past another during a five-on-five basketball scrimmage against actual NBA players. That is an impressive feat, I have to say.

Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy because you’re a crazy person who abhors layins, check out Trail Blazers rookie Elliot Williams messing around in warmups.

Not bad, I guess. Just a couple of ferocious left-handed windmills followed by a Plain Jane lefty layup. Child’s play, really. I mean, I could do that left-handed layup six times out of 10, no problem. Weak.