In the past few seasons the Miami Heat have had some excellent pregame introduction videos. Last year was the Blue Note intro that everyone loved. The season before was, I guess, a “guys wearing black suits and listening to bad techno music” theme. They even had an 8 Mile ripoff that’s hilariously awkward. Clearly, the team loves their intros.

This year is no different. It’s a big season for the Heat, so they need a very special introduction. Yesterday, they filmed this video, and while it hasn’t yet been released, still photographs from the taping reveal three obvious themes.

Theme No. 1 — Looking Confused

As you can see from the picture up top and this photo of LeBron James, the Heat seem to be a little befuddled with what’s going on here. To be fair, you’d be mystified too if you had to put on a shirt, tie and sweater despite playing for a team called the Miami Heat. That’s a lot of layers for such a warm sounding franchise.

And if they made you sneak around a wall that looks like a giant garbage bag with nickels sewn in to it, you’d be even more confounded, just like Dwyane Wade.

I’m no mind-reader, but it appears that Dwyane’s just a bit skeptical about this whole enterprise. He’s been through this whole thing before, but he’s never had to be so sneaky. At least he’s a good sport.

Theme No. 2 — Smoke

OK, cool, the smoke adds some atmosphere. A little mystery for a team that could very well be amazing but no one really knows makes a lot of sense to me. As far as background effects go, mixing smoke with a bunch of dudes wearing black and grey is a nice touch.

See, it looks very cool. Consider me pro-smoke when it comes to Miami Heat pregame introduction videos. Except for one little thing…

Considering the trouble he got in to this summer — even though all charges were eventually dropped — it might not have been the greatest idea in the world to put Udonis Haslem in front of a huge cloud of smoke. It still looks cool, but I’m not entirely sure that’s the best combination. Oh, well, they’re the marketing experts.

Theme No. 3 — Concerned Fathers

Yeah, I’m not too sure I “get” this part. I mean, it makes sense for Juwan Howard to be shown as a father figure considering he’s 968 years old and has been around the league forever. Him watching over all these young guys is understandable, even if his golden tie and pocket square don’t really fit with the monochromatic vibe we’ve seen in every other picture. We can let that slide.

But Chris Bosh as a dad who’s upset his daughter missed curfew? That’s odd. He is a young fellow who’s supposed to be one of the cool guys. Sure, the haircut makes him look more mature, but I’m thinking he just wanted a new look and not to be grouped in with a guy who’s almost as old as the team’s coach. Very strange.

Nonetheless, aside from Chris Bosh being an old man, I’d bet that this is going to end up as another classic Heat intro. Being confused, hanging out with smoke monsters and the whole “My Two Dads” thing might not seem like they go together right now, but through the magic of editing something good will probably come out. And if things end up just as goofy as they appear right now, even better.