Hedo Turkoglu’s phone rings, playing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston…

“Ball — this Hedo. Eddy, what going on? Long time, no pizza.”

“No. Not a way. ”

“You are being serious? Guy who owns Little Caesars bought the Detroit Pistons?

“Basketball team Pistons?”

“Hedo’s gotta go.”


Hedo hangs up the phone and goes to his computer where he pulls up ESPN’s Trade Machine. He types and clicks for several minutes before he sits back and smiles.


Hedo picks up his phone and starts dialing furiously. After several misfires, he finally calls Suns GM Lance Blanks.

“Ball — this Hedo.”

“Mr. Lance, call Detroit and tell them you need Ben Gordon. Tell them I will dribble the ball — ball — because Rodney Stuckey is not good at it.”

“Trust me, will work. Already figured. Miss you.”


Hedo hangs up the phone, leans back in his pizza-shaped chaise lounge chair and smiles a devilish grin.

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  1. Funny style. THIS is what hoops blogging is.

    Just officially dropped BDL from my bookmarks.

  2. That was just stupid Trey.

  3. Damn I missed those Blowtorch posts. U never seemed to be allowed to do that crazy ish at BDL.

  4. Classic Blowtorch. Loving this.

  5. This really scared me for a moment

  6. I don’t get it. Guess it’s a Canadian thing? This kind of a like Euro(non)Humor thing or something

  7. Ball.

    Nice post.

  8. Kerby mimics some other much funnier bloggers.

  9. Great low-pro Eddy Curry shout out.

  10. I remember watching that game. “… ball.”

    EPIC hilariousness

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