Pau-mania in Barcelona

“A group of 10 teenage girls sitting behind us have been screaming at Gasol; he turned to wave, they (completely) flipped out.”Mike Trudell,

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  1. Where’s his man purse?

  2. Is this meant to be entertaining?
    Trey you’re filling up an otherwise interesting and thoughtful website with useless garbage.
    I understand you’ve left Yahoo cause of whatever reason and now you feel like you have the freedom to be wacky again, but so far honestly I feel like you’re doing more harm than good to one of the few basketball related websites I still enjoy these days.

  3. [...] fun in Spain Posted by Trey Kerby under Los Angeles Lakers on Oct 06, 2010 Just because it’s Pau-mania in Barcelona, doesn’t mean the rest of the Lakers can’t get in on the action. That would just be [...]

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