Now that’s how you do an NBA promo. The “Press Hop” spots had a spark when they started, but after an entire season of Auto-Tuned commercials, they got old. Yeah, that’ll happen with this too, but for now it’s great.

There’s a funny concept, tasty licks and an actual assortment of teams rather than using only the Celtics, Lakers and Heat. Not to mention, you’ve got little nods to such offseason tropes as the Miami Heat guys being best friends all over the place, Dirk Nowitzki not doing anything basketball-related all summer and Yao Ming having a head that is almost unfathomably big.

Well played, NBA. Now just start your season and we’ll all be happy.

(via Dime)

Comments (5)

  1. nice commercial! enjoyable even.

    The auto tune commercials were just atrocious! I hope the person who thought of that cheap idea got canned! :)

  2. Whoa.. this is a real NBA commercial?! I was totally expecting a TBJ logo at the end of that, not official NBA.

  3. …nearly enough of an actual assortment to include the Bucks, but not really anywhere close, probably.

    Great happy music, tho.

  4. haha, omg greg oden is always sad

  5. very fun :) but still Boozer in again injured

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