Almost two weeks ago, our good friend Kelly Dwyer mentioned “that one time a week where Lamar Odom looks like the best player to ever play this game.” Well, we’re not even a week in to the NBA preseason and he’s already met his quota. Because what you’ve seen above, my friends, is nuts.

There aren’t a lot of 6-foot-10 guys out there who can break some poor sap’s ankles, high step over the bum and then whip a pinpoint behind-the-back pass to a teammate in the span of three seconds. Come to think of it, there aren’t a lot of guys who can do that, period. Tough break, Michael Beasley.

The only bad thing is that Derek Fisher totally botched the ending. He only had forever to shoot his wide open shot, so it’s understandable that he’d get blocked by a big guy who started his approach from under the basket. Maybe next time hurry it up a little bit, Der-Bear.

(via NBA Offseason)

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  1. Your descriptions really help me see the greatness of plays that would otherwise make me say, “hm. not bad.”

    One crazy thing about that cross-over is that it he crossed it over in front of him. The way Beasley is pretty much up against him, you’d expect him to put it behind the back (a la Manu in his “signature” instructional video). That seemed like such an obvious thing to do that that’s what the commentator thought he did. But he somehow manages to squeeze between him and Beasley. Crazy ball-handling. If this guy had the brain of a franchise player, he would be something else.

  2. LO is probably the best ball handling big man in the league. He handles the ball just as well as most point guards. Just a unique and talented player. Our NBA is filled without lots of talented players. Where amazing happens.

  3. Where amazing happens.

  4. Lamar Odom should really consider participating in the Playstation Skills Challenge at All Star Weekend this season. It will be held in LA. Shannon Brown in the dunk contest and LO in the skills challenge. Represent LA, yo.

  5. “wet spot” on floor bail out

  6. And that, my friends, is why Darko is so valuable to the T-Wolves.


  7. if only darko plays in a league full of derek fishers he could barely beat Al J’s stats.

  8. One possible reason why the concept is being downplayed is the overwhelming obsession over scoring more points. Fame and maybe fortune await the player who can shoot the most. Shallow play analysis further stress who has made the most points.

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