New TBJ spot: Mic Check

In case you missed the first memo, The Basketball Jones is coming to Canadian television!

Every Thursday night, starting October 28, Skeets and Tas will be appearing in your home like their names were Bob and Doug McKenzie. If you’re an international viewer — fear not! — we’ll make sure to upload as much of the television show as possible to the web.

‘Til then, enjoy this new promo and stay tuned for two more spots later this week.

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  1. The image of Skeet’s smelling his armpit while Matty O is fiddling with his pants is pretty wonderful especially when contrasted with Tas’s look of disgust.

  2. JD sure knows how to take a screengrab.

  3. Sorry for asking again: What does “[...] we’ll make sure to upload as much of the television show as possible to the web. [...]” mean? What will we not get to see?

    Congrats, btw. Keep on keeping it on… and real.

    Cheers, GfE

  4. @Guy from Europe

    The big issue is that, due to copyright, people from outside Canada can’t see NBA footage on our site. So, anything that doesn’t involve footage (eg, a highlight) we’ll be able to upload here.

    We’re preparing a FAQ for all these types of questions. Stay tuned.


  5. @ Matt Osten.

    A couple questions I’ve got for the FAQ besides that one.

    1. What’s the new theme tune song called? Can you guys use licenced music now?

    2. Is the overdose continuing? Is stepping on the beach going to continue?

    3. Is Trey going to be in the show or just Tas and Skeets still?

    Congratulations on the show guys, even if I won’t be able to watch it. I’ve been a fan since ep.50 and it’s so great to see you guys finally make it where you wanted. What’s the goal now you’ve got the TV show? TBJ Movie? TBJ Christmas Hits Album? TBJ: The Reveal All Bestseller?


    4. Are you ever going to sell t-shirts again?

  6. @Sean All good questions. All will be answered. Don’t worry, it’s only good news.

  7. hey, I’m an international viewer and I’m supposed to “fear not” but I’ve still been getting that “video not currently available” sort of thing every time i try to play it! is there any youtube channel for this stuff guys?

  8. Yeah, same concerns here. Try and make sure you stay true to the old format and not make it just another highlight-show… and we should be all fine ;)

  9. International fan here too…

    Can’t wait ’till you guys become the head show on the Score and bring it more viewers, and become well-known over North America…

    Then there shouldn’t be copyright problems ;)
    NBA <3 $$$

  10. Love it. So fucking happy for you guys. Get this shit on my American internet!

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