New Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis has been pretty busy since he bought the team earlier this year. He’s been so busy, in fact, that he’s already finished or is in the process of completing 101 different improvements to the Wizards, all of which he’s listed on his blog. As Ted himself says, the changes have been very “faced-paced.” Not quite sure what that means, but the Wizards sure have seen a lot of enhancements in the past three-ish months.

Some of these changes have been big, and some have been small. But every single one of these changes has been completely necessary and very important. Just check out these concerns and the very matter-of-fact manner in which they’ve been addressed.

2. Reconnect with Gilbert Arenas — Completed (“Met with Gilbert and connected in person and via e-mail”)
19. More organ music — Completed (“More organ music”)
20. Eliminate the “Dee-Fence” chant — Completed  (“Eliminated”)
31. Change Wizards team name to Bullets — Under consideration
35. Ensure condiment containers are refilled — Completed (“Instructed vendors to make sure condiment containers are never empty”)
37. Fresher popcorn — Completed (“Asked Aramark to make sure popcorn is always fresh”)
39. Warmer pizza — Completed (“Turned up heat in ovens”)
58. Cleaner mirrors in bathrooms — Completed (“More Windex issued to staff”)
71. Paint stairs red — Completed (“Thousands of stairs painted red”)
88. Less random discounting of tickets — Completed (“Done”)

Obviously these changes are very good changes. No fan wants to eat cold pizza or buy randomly discounted tickets, and they certainly don’t want to walk on thousands of non-red stairs to support a team that currently sports blue and gold. That just ruins the whole experience.

The entire list is available for your perusal at Leonsis’ blog (83. Owner commitment to blog regularly about all teams — Completed) and I highly recommend that you have a look. Not only will you get a sense of all the new and exciting things happening at the Verizon Center, it’ll also explain why the Wizards acquired Kevin Seraphin and Yi Jianlian (26. Draft and develop international players — Completed). Here’s to transparency! (1. More transparency concerning strategy and plans via more connection with fans — Completed)

(via BDL)