Apparently it’s “Unlock Various Things in NBA Video Games” Week at The Basketball Jones, because if you look at that picture above this sentence you’ll find the latest Easter egg from the increasingly amazing “NBA 2K11.” Yes, as our friends at Nice Kicks found out, there are 40 pairs of Air Jordans to unlock while you’re playing the highly-rated game. 40! That’s a lot of pairs.

Even better, each unlocked shoe gives you different stat boosts. For instance, Chris Paul’s signature shoes gives you an extra three points on your passing rating, while the newest Carmelo Anthony joint adds three points to your midrange shooting ability. But the crown jewel, naturally, is the eminently beautiful Jordan XI that gives its wearer a +10 on dunks. That makes sense because when Michael Jordan wore that shoe, he believed that he could fly. As R. Kelly would say a lot, “ooh!”

Between “2K11″ and “NBA Jam,” it’s been a good week for unlocking fun extras in basketball video games. Heck, it’s been a great week, maybe even the greatest. I’ll stop now, since I’m gushing about nerd stuff.

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  1. Unbelievable. People everywhere should know all the history of the Jordan mode. They should be teaching this stuff in universities everywhere.

  2. I think R. Kelly would have said something more along the lines of “woo!”

  3. R. Kelly is a versatile guy.

  4. how do you unlock the retro 4s in 2k11

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