What’s not to like about this new Converse advertisement? Between God Shammgod, Dr. J and Kenny Anderson, you’ve got the “legendary cult heroes” thing pretty well covered. Jim Jones is in there, being his usual ridiculous self while wearing a hooded sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves. The Chuck Taylor is prominently featured. And, best of all, the song is “Hello Operator” by the White Stripes, which is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands from one of my favorite records.

It’s almost like a Converse marketing executive hired Leonardo DiCaprio to steal my ideal basketball commercial from my subconscious while I’m in a dreamlike state. Tas, get your top.

(via Matt Moore)

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  1. too long for a commercial, but it’s wicked though. dr. j is the man.

  2. Luckily, Doug E. Fresh is involved to cancel out the unfortunate appearance of JIm Jones.

  3. Just got my 9-year-old size 2 Converse kicks for use in the Junior Jazz.

  4. Hope your kid has strong feet!

  5. was that a quick shot of pro skater, Rune Glifberg in there?
    Could have sworn it was him.

  6. This has been a big week for good Jack White songs in shoe commercials:

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