A lot of former NBA players run in to financial problems after they retire. Whether it be business deals gone bad or just senseless spending, we’ve heard story after story of former ballers running out of money. Antoine Walker, Derrick Coleman, Scottie Pippen — the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s good for these dudes to have a backup plan when they retire.

Ron Artest, wise man that he is, doesn’t just have one fallback plan. He’s got two. At least. Here he is talking to HoopsHype about his post-NBA aspirations:

After I’m done with my basketball career, I want to box and I wanna play football –probably tight end position. I’ve been training for three years for boxing. Probably after this contract, I’ll probably do football first and then boxing. I’m definitely serious about those two things I wanna do. I wish I could do it now.

Let’s think about this totally illogical situation logically for just a second. Ron Artest is 30 years old, and he has four years left on his contract. That puts him at 34 when he starts playing football, if he actually leaves the NBA after this contract. Not a lot of 34-year-old NBA rookies, but whatever. Let’s play along.

Then, depending on his football success, who knows how old he’ll be when he starts boxing. Probably 35, since football is way hard to pick up at an advanced age. So let’s say he’s a 35-year-old boxer. That might sound totally crazy, but this is Ron Artest we’re talking about here. Crazy’s right in his wheelhouse.

On the plus side, he’s got a few things working in his favor. He’s 6-foot-7, 270 lbs., very strong and very athletic. If he were to play football, I guess he’d be a taller, very raw Antonio Gates. I’m not banking on a Ron Artest football career, but if he can figure out the triangle offense, then I guess he can figure out how to split some safeties.

Boxing, on the other (gloved) hand seems way more likely. Kendall Gill has had a few professional fights and he’s not nearly as tough or scrappy as Ron Artest. The football stuff isn’t likely, but I’d bet everything I own that Ron-Ron boxes professionally some day.

Oh, and of course, he’s got the rap thing going on, too. So basically he’s going to be the world’s first basketball/football/boxing/rap star. Ron Artest is set for life.

(via Facts and Rumors)