The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, that other team that plays in the Staples Center, the Los Angeles Clippers.

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  1. A few things you forgot to mention:
    1. Gordon is more than a shooter. He can drive, and he is an excellent defender. Did you watch the games in Turkey?
    2. All this talk about the culture and the losing and everything…while this isn’t everything, you forgot to mention that Dunleavy is finally gone. He was doing nothing with this team, and they tuned him out 2 years ago. Even if Del Negro isn’t a better coach(I think he is) the fact that there is a new man in charge will make a difference.
    3. The culture is also affected by the new additions, hardworking, good guys in Gomes and Foye. Compare that to last year’s Ricky Davis.
    4. This team was 17-18 last year before that strange waterpipe incident in Memphis. The next day it was announced that Griffin was out for the season, and the team mailed in the rest of the season. If Griffin is healthy, and with a new coach, I don’t see why the motivation won’t be there this year. Not a playoff team in the tough West, but I could see them winning 40-42 games. Playoffs is still a year or two away.

  2. IMHO nothing is going to have an impact on the culture of this franchise until donald sterling is gone

  3. I’m curious, will Gordon be better this season than last season? I don’t know if he’s just a shooter or not, but damn, was he shooting the lights out in Turkey. Guy couldn’t miss from 3.

  4. you really need to give tas a piece of paper or something to hold onto. pockets aren’t cutting it.

  5. Kaman putting the clip in “Clippers”

  6. @Daniel – I did watch every Gordon game in Turkey. He looked all right at times, but I don’t think he’ll be a game-changer. You’re point about Del Negro is fair enough, but I don’t think Blake’s will will change the effort of his ‘mates for an entire 82-game sked to elevate where they will finish in a tough west. Griffin’s defensive game has some holes too, apparently. That’s what the college scouts are telling me.

  7. Have you guys watched the clips the last 4 games? What do you think about them with what they’ve shown so far? If they keep improving their Defense, that can improve their wins. I don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs, but they can play around the .500 area the whole season. Gordon can be a game changer if he asserts himself in the offense more, he is a passive player but he has the offensive skills to do so.

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