Well, Trey was right; The Birdman’s “little neck piece” was just getting started. Wow. “Free Bird,” dude.

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  1. I wonder what birdman looks like when he’s on his 70s. He’s gonna be like a crumpled colored writing paper lol

  2. I’m going to guess he won’t make it to his 70′s.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why people get tattoos

  4. I most definitely thought this was a Trey or Skeets photoshop. Ridick.

  5. wow, i wonder if he drew it or the artist did. Its quite….LARGE.

  6. [...] new ink zoomed out Posted by Holly MacKenzie under Uncategorized on Oct 09, 2010 Our guy Skeets already posted our first in-game glimpse of Chris Andersen’s new “Free Bird” neck tattoo, but I stumbled over some of the [...]

  7. how many days before he starts seriously regretting that? kenyon martin finally got rid of the lips on his neck, and that was pretty insignificant compared to this. it looks like he’s being choked to death by a psychedelic painting

  8. You can’t help to think if JR and Birdman are competing for most talented art. This summer, JR got swish, this fall, birdman got free bird. Its like htey are always trying to outdo each other on tats.

    Bird man looks like he is in a prison gang

  9. What the Birdman and most excessively tattooed folk dont know particularly athletes, is that all that ink can lead to kidney failure. The skin must be able to excret toxins through sweat. Many yakuza ( japanese mobsters) die in old age from kidney failure from years (decades) of having most of there body covered with tatoos.

  10. I’m noy an NBA fan any more. (Too many prima donnas). But tell me: Does he perform or is the appearance a substitute?

  11. Wow, El Gortdo, you are the worst.

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