The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Oakland’s favorite professional sports team (that could be a lie), the Golden State Warriors.

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    Here’s my take on how the Warriors will do. Hope this isn’t not allowed.

  2. They’re not making the playoffs, for sure, but only 27 wins? I expect a much better season from Biedrins, and they should be better at rebounding and defense. 33-35 wins shouldn’t be unrealistic.

  3. Additions: Jeremy Lin.

  4. The Dubs are going to be terrible this year. A horrible, horrible basketball team and I’m looking forward to selling my seats for the Miami game to some “fans” for 4X face value more than I’m looking forward to seeing anyone besides Steph play.

    I hate that they got rid of 3 of my 4 favorite players, I hate David Lee’s contract, and I hate that Larry Ellison didn’t buy this team. Another depressing depressing year for basketball in the Bay Area.

  5. Jeremy Lin for R.O.Y. But seriously though, has anyone figured out that song that plays in the beginning?

  6. 40 wins… and everyone loves David Lee.

  7. 27 wins? It’s a much more talented roster than the one that won 26 games last season, a team that underperformed it’s Pythagorean record.

  8. The Raiders are still the favorite team in Oakland. More people sit in the Black Hole every week than attend Warriors games. We did our predictions too. Have the Warriors ranked at 22. Check them out.

  9. I can’t believe how pro you guys are these days!

    And yeah 29 wins!

  10. That Warrior song is the music to the Charles Barkley montage in the old “NBA Superstars” video… of the greatest NBA videos ever (at least in my lifetime):

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