Wha' Happened? A TBJ FAQ

1. What’s different about The Basketball Jones blog this season?

You mean besides the sweet new graphics?

The major change is that we’ve hired Trey Kerby to be the head writer/editor of our blog.

2. Who is Trey Kerby?

Trey Kerby is a talented writer, novelty beard enthusiast, and (according to a recent press release) “renowned chill bro.”

Before joining The Jones, Trey was the editor of Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie. Before that he created and ran The Blowtorch. Before that, there are no known records of him.

Trey will be blogging from his hometown of Lombard, Illinois for this season with the hopes of joining The Jones in Toronto next summer.

3. Who are these other people I see writing on the site?

In addition to Trey we’ve got a wicked team of bloggers contributing to the site.

Scott Carefoot is the head of the The Score’s blog federation and the creator and editor of RaptorBlog, the oldest and best Raptors site on the web.

Holly MacKenzie has written for just about any basketball site you can think of including NBA.com and SLAMonline.

Megan Wilson is an Assignment Editor at The Score and will be The Jones’ Fashion and Style columnist.

4. Why the hell did you do this? I liked The Jones the way it was.

Adding a written component to TBJ is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. There have always been pictures, stories, news items and absurd yarns we’ve wanted to share with you that don’t lend them themselves to the medium of video. Without a full-time blogger to produce this content we feel like we’ve had to ignore incredible parts of the NBA that we know you’d love to hear about.

Also, making videos take a crap load of time. On any given day last season, you’d usually have only one video to look forward to when you came to TBJ. Now, you can come back ten times a day and be greeted with exciting new content every time. This is great news for anyone obsessed with the NBA (so, um, all of us) and anyone procrastinating from working, studying, or writing the great American novel. Basically, our goal this season is to kill your productivity.

I should also point out that the Jones videos you love are not going anywhere. We’re still doing a daily web show, still dropping viral videos, and still doing The Overdose.

Oh, and right now we’re also doing season previews for all 30 teams. You should check ‘em out.

If Facebook redesigns have taught us anything, it’s that people don’t like change. We’re well aware of that. But, don’t forget that people were equally concerned last season when we moved to The Score. As you can see now though, all that happened is that you got more Jones, more quality, and (somehow) more swearing.

We think you’re going to love the stuff we have in store for you this season and hope that Trey, our contributors, and The Basketball Jones are going to be a huge part of your NBA season.

5. What’s the schedule for Jones videos and podcasts?

The Basketball Jones Daily Web Show:
What? TBJ in its purest, most lethal form. This is where we dig past the mainstream media’s talking points and break down the big games, decode the league’s key storylines, feed our gambling addictions, and argue about how to pronounce “Oregon.”
When? Monday to Thursday (around 12:30 p.m. ET). Starts October 26.
Where? TBJ blog, iTunes, ScoreMobile (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and Score iPad.

The Basketball Jones Radio Show:
What? The daily web show repackaged for Satellite Radio listeners.
When? Monday to Thursday, 3:00 p.m. ET. Starts October 26.
Where? The Score Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 98 (listen live here)

The Basketball Jones TV Show:
What? A mix of in-depth analysis, the week’s most important stories, exciting highlights, hilarious sketches, and unmatched feats of stupidity.
When? Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. Starts October 28.
Where? The Score television network.

The Basketball Jones Overdose:
What? A long form audio show with interviews, commentary, viewer questions, and even some non-basketball pop-culture digressions.
When? Fridays. Starts October 29.
Where? TBJ blog, iTunes, ScoreMobile (Blackberry, iPhone, Android), Score iPad and The Score Sirius Satellite Radio.

The Basketball Jones viral videos:
What? NBA parody, satire and stand-up “comedy” as only The Jones can do.
When? Frequently sprinkled throughout the season.
Where? TBJ blog, iTunes, ScoreMobile (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and Score iPad.

6. So, wait. The Jones is on TV too?

Yes, another big announcement is that we now have a weekly TV show on The Score! Don’t believe me? Check out these promos.

7. Can I see the show outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, copyright laws will prevent us from legally uploading the TV show online so that international viewers can see it. Crappy, we know.

There will, however, be parts of the show without copyrighted material and we will upload those segments for all to see.

Moving to Canada to preempt this problem is also encouraged.

8. I’m digging this new theme song. What’s it called?

The new TBJ theme is “Bones Attack!!” by The Meligrove Band. For now you can download it here. You can also check out their website or Facebook page.

9. Where can I find that “Steppin’ On The Beach” song you use on The Overdose?

That song is actually called “Dirty Talk” by James Wallace and is available via iTunes. It’s on an album called “This is Porn.” Seriously.

10. Why haven’t the NBA team previews been downloading via iTunes?

We’ve had a technical problem with our iTunes feed. It’s fixed now and you should start seeing the previews in your TBJ iTunes folder as of this Tuesday (Oct. 12).

11. Are you ever going to make t-shirts again?

Yes! This season there will be new shirts and new designs. For certain Score policy reasons, we can’t sell them, but we will find fun (and frequent) ways to give them away. Huzzah!

12. How do I get in touch with The Jones?

Hearing from you guys is the best part of doing this show. We hope you’ll be as active this season as you have been in the past with emails, calls, video messages and blog comments.

Email: tbj@thescore.com
Twitter: @JESkeets, @TasMelas, JD (@gaylordmenendez) and Matt (@TBJprod)

13. Anything else?

Embrace the day, people.

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  1. This shit is so cash.

  2. no offense homes but eh writting down trey kerby in lombard il on the net is a terrible idea. turrible idea.

    mofo is the white pages.

    on a related note, it’s nice to see that some1 else likes basketball in my hometown. go bulls.

  3. There’s no Canada like French Canada it’s the best Canada in ze land.

  4. Do you know if there will be any late repeats of the TV show for those of us who work in the evening?

  5. No worries, stuff. I’m not in the phonebook, and I’m also very sneaky.

  6. “Basically, our goal this season is to kill your productivity.”

    This one kills me :D!

  7. That gay sailor/babuskar look you guys are rocking in that picture there is totally doing wonders for your thighs guys, you look like you are going to be a dreamy couple together.

  8. “Basically, our goal this season is to kill your productivity.”

    ………………..nice to kill me too

  9. Fire Trey Kirby!

    Oh wait, this isn’t BDL any more.

  10. I was kind of expecting Trey Kerby’s name to be hyperlinked here.

  11. This year, Skeets should definitely use an Andy Rautins head for daily predictions.

  12. can not wait… good luck guys

  13. Good luck guys … i like what I’m seeing so far there’s only one thing that’s bothering. I have nothing against Trey but all these new blog entries have been kind’ve annoying me. Some are funny but with the quantity of them most have been kind’ve meaningless u no.

  14. Man, it looks TBJ season will be great!

    By now I liked new designs and all that shit.

    Welcome Trey Kerby and best wishes to all of you.

    (greetings from Brazil!)

  15. Good talk & go writing! Get ‘em Trey (DMX voice)!

  16. @josh: Good one!

  17. For all you RSS geeks who specifically want only the videos, try adding this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thescore/vodcasts/thebasketballjones

  18. For all you RSS geeks who specifically want only the videos, try adding this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thescore/vodcasts/thebasketballjones

  19. can not wait… good luck guys ;DD

  20. This is awesome. I was pretty not happy because there was no pure-audio podcasts anymore. Now that I’m reading this for the kajillionth time, I can listen to the TBJ on my new iPod Nano that has absolutely no video capabilities whatsoever. So lame.

  21. It’s prounounced Ore-uh-Gun NOT Ore-a-Gone

  22. Will you have uploads of the radio shows online, or is the radio show just the normal daily content we’ll be getting anyways???

    Will you still talk about Kendrick Perkins even though he is injured???

  23. The schedule looks busy . Interesting. Thanx

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