This is what happens when you sign a massive contract to be a third banana.

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  1. With all the smack-talk he’s been making, you would think it would get a little bigger than that. Maybe he donated all his big-headedness to LeBron and Wade.

  2. proof BOSH is a true-blue dino — meet his brothers

  3. It had to be able to fit in his rear end* before he could sign that $110 million deal. I imagine Micky Arison suffers from a similar affliction.

    *Cleaned up for the kids

  4. Is Chris Bosh’s head shrunken or is his body blown up?

  5. The title isn’t “Chris Bosh’s body expanding at an alarming rate,” Tassos.

  6. Looks straight out of Men in Black.

  7. CARLOS: don’t think he needs to donate any. Their heads are big enough as it is.

    I think Bosh is just trying to hide the fact that he really IS a dino.

  8. His head may be shrinking, but he still has the longest neck in the NBA.

  9. [...] Kerby under Miami Heat on Oct 13, 2010 Chris Bosh is well on his way to becoming a new media mogul, shrinking head and all. Now that he’s on the world’s most famous basketball team, he’s showing [...]

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