Ron Artest sure is wacky, isn’t he? Always driving tiny cars, having hilarious press conferences or making rap songs. He’s such a jokester. And, as he’s more than willing to tell anyone, quite the party animal. Not only has he fessed up to sipping on Hennessy at halftime during his tenure with the Bulls, he was even featured on a song called “Henny at Halftime.” That last sentence sums up Artest pretty well, if you really think about it.

However, it seems like that’s all going to change now, as Ron-Ron says he’s given up alcohol after going bonkers after the Lakers’ championship win. And, as he told Kevin Ding at the Orange County Register, he’s not smoking reefer anymore either. Let’s get ready for Ron Artest, the remix.

Artest said he stopped drinking alcohol in January to focus on the season — and then ceased his championship celebrations, alcohol-wise, at the end of July. Artest said he “didn’t even have the stomach for it anymore” while celebrating, which included him consuming his infamous Hennessy scotch before the Lakers’ 11 a.m. championship parade.

“That’s something that paid off so much,” he said. “I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was 17 years old, 15 years old.” [...]

Artest also volunteered something along those lines at the end of his chat with reporters Saturday: “Even if they legalize marijuana, I won’t be smoking marijuana.”

Just to recap, this time last year Ron Artest was a drinking, smoking, loose cannon who was too crazy for the Houston Rockets. Now, he’s an NBA champion who speaks to schools about the benefits of psychiatric help and has given up drugs and drink. If it weren’t for that pointy head, he’d be basically unrecognizable.

Let’s just hope that this totally sober, non-smoking Ron Artest still does Ron Artest things. Otherwise, we’ll have nothing to blog about.

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  1. Did you see how worked up Ron’s brother got after Barcelona beat the Lakers? He was getting all defensive on twitter and even went and posted multiple comments on Pete Mikael’s blog entry on hoopshype.

    Daniel Artest is the Roger Clinton to Ron’s Bill.

  2. Daniel Artest is the crazy person to Ron Artest’s sane person, if you can even imagine that.

  3. Ron Artest is probably the most lovable ex-alcoholic/possible pothead/psychiatric patient/in-game brawler/championship ring giver-up-er in the National Basketball Association, or in any basketball association for that matter.

    He’s basically like a teddy bear.

  4. Huh… So that’s why they call Jackson “the Zen master”…. I didn’t know he was that good…

  5. Btdubs, Hennessy is a Cognac or a Brandy if produced outside of France (which it is not). Scotch is Whiskey made in Scotland. The two are different, please freshen up on your alcohol knowledge. Ron Artest would be displeased.

  6. [...] being a Laker.”Ron Artest and Las Vegas — what could go wrong? (Probably nothing since he doesn’t drink or smoke anymore, and also because I don’t really think that those keys open anything.)But really, this is yet [...]

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