The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Hot Doug’s favorite thing not covered in Sriracha mustard and sesame seaweed salad, the Chicago Bulls.

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  1. Great new haircut. Better Chicago accent.

  2. 43-39 is only two games better than their record last year. For the most part the core of the team is the same. Taj, rose, deng, noah. They lost miller and hinrich. From their bench the lost murry, warrick, and some scrubs. Salmons played like complete and utter garbage during the start of the year, and tyrus was injured for a great deal of time, and played well enough to loose his starting spot to rookie taj gibson.

    If you look at their additiions versus their departures, the bulls ought to be significantly better than last year. They have brewer who is twice the defender, literally, as hinrich. The added bogans who has shot 6-9 from the 3pt line, and appears to be playing the homeless man’s bruce bowen. korver is friggin amazing! Thibs is using korver as the pistons used rip hamiilton, and korver is thriving. look at his shooting percentage. his quick release off screens is a thing of beauty.

    Furthermore rose is drawing fouls this year, he’s getting the benefit of the whistle. Noah is playing like a beast. Deng is playing off the ball rather than isolation offense of VDN. Boozer is bringing a post presence and a second scorer that is desperately needed.

    Yes this team has injury concerns. Deng and boozer are made of glass. Brewer is often injured, BUT Taj started for the bulls in the past, and he’s a serviceable replacement for booze. If deng goes out, brewer could play as a the 3, and bogans can play the 2. The drop from brewer to bogans isn’t a steep drop. Noah might be injury prone due to this plantir fascinitis, and there is no replacement for noah on the bulls this season. Similiarly with the departure of hinrich, the bulls no longer have a starting caliber back up ball handler on the bench. Besides injury to rose/noah, the bulls have enough depth to handle blows at other positions.

    Did i mention we got rid of our case of VDn? yeah, we no longer isolate hinrich aka hin-brick, and deng, he can’t dribble, on the perimeters any more. Furthermore we no longer run the high pick and rose with rose and noah. This is a victory for the fact that we no longer trap rose on the perimeter because both the big and the gaurd stay on him, but because we no longer have to worry about noah having the ball 20 feet away fromt he basket. rose is free to runt he offense as a true pg, and stops handing the ball over to crap like hinrich and deng 5 seconds into an offensive play. i mean really who would want to isolate hinrich and deng?

    I’m going to say the bulls do better than the bucks, and get a record of 49-33

  3. was that a j. toews joke? if it was, nicely done sir.

  4. @stuff – I would not be surprised if they go 49-33, and I would have love to gotten in to there season (and those moves you mentioned) a little deeper, but we’ve gotta keep these previews short, just like my new haircut.

    Two things going against Chicago in my mind is their ridiculously tough sked for the first 20 games – please go look at it – and then adapting Boozer in to the mix afterward. If they do go 6-14 to start the year, getting to 43 wins means they go 37-25 the rest of the way, which is noice.

    Look, part of me wants to bump them up a couple wins the way they’ve gelling this preseason, but I’ll stick to the guns.

  5. 37-25 is not “noice” for a team that’s supposed to win 50+ games with Boozer. It’s not even good for 49. They get the hard games out of the way without Boozer. Games that they probably would do worse in anyways. He comes back when the schedule lightens up, and true or not, he will be perceived as the difference. Also, I have no idea how you came up with 6-14 after looking at the first 20 games of the schedule.

  6. @Jack: 37-25 is the exact pace for a 50-win season – your projected number – a number projected based on a month worth of playing together in training camp. Take that away, and they’re still gonna pull it off? I love the idea of what Thibs can do, but it would be a difficult task for any coach, let alone a rook at the helm.

    As for the 6-14, it’s a guess. I took a stab based on their schedule, quality of opponents, and the “getting to know each other factor.” I like this team and expect anywhere from 42-50 wins.

  7. But somehow everybody loves the Bucks, a team that will probably go the whole season without a healthy Bogut. The Bulls will win the Central division, and I said 50+.

  8. The first road stretch will prove to be extremely difficult for the bulls with Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, LA. Throw in the fact they’ll face OKC, Denver x2, Boston in the first two months without Boozer, and you’re looking at a steep hole to climb out of. Is Taj going to lock down the likes of Dirk, Pau, Duncan, Scola? Although Boozer doesn’t put an ounce of effort into defense, at least his offense decreases the gap. Boozer is also well known for taking much longer to recover from injuries so that 15 game absence and well extend to 20. BlogaBull estimated a 48 win season, pre-Boozer injury. Sadly, the 15 games that Boozer will miss is also the most critical for the Bulls. You also have to factor in the fact that Boozer has not gelled with his teammates and by the time he comes back 15 games into the season, the team will have to work around him. Doesn’t help that the Bulls will be away at that time where practices are scarce. I think ~45 wins seems fair for the Bulls at this point.

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