Deep down inside I think we’re all a little confused about where tacos stand on the sandwich scale. And if noted sandwich aficionado Matt Bonner can’t even figure it out, then what chance do we have?

Even more troubling is the fact that he’s totally right on all counts — a burrito is more of a sandwich than a taco, even though a burrito is basically just a giant soft taco and a taco is kind of like a grilled cheese.

It seems this mystery will go unsolved yet again.


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  1. I say a burrito can’t be a sandwich because of the presence of rice and beans. When you start adding rice, it stops being a sandwich.

    A taco is like an open-faced sandwich.

  2. I couldnt agree more with matt

  3. well what if sandwich is a type of taco, boom mind blown

  4. How abbot a wrap? Its a sandwich, just rolled up instead, so it’s like a burrito…

    I guess I agree the rice disqualifies the burrito

  5. Sandwichy :) Im stealing that one.

  6. You’d think I’d know this one…

  7. I love how they’re asking him a question about tacos, burritos and sandwiches right after practice when he hasn’t even caught his breath yet.

  8. He should be a guest judge on next season’s Top Chef.

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