Chris Bosh is well on his way to becoming a new media mogul, shrinking head and all. Now that he’s on the world’s most famous basketball team, he’s showing up at awards shows, producing documentaries and just generally enjoying the fame that playing with LeBron James is affording him. After years of playing in Canada, Bosh is convinced he’s an unknown in the United States, despite the fact he’s a five-time All-Star and won a gold medal for the country.

At least that’s the only explanation I can conjure for why he’s surprised that Barack Obama knew who he was when they kicked it this past Monday.

When Heat forward Chris Bosh met President Barack Obama this week, no introductions were necessary. To Bosh’s surprise, Obama knew exactly who he was.

Bosh and Dwyane Wade were among those attending a fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning’s home on Monday, when Obama appeared in support of U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s re-election campaign. It was the first time Bosh met the president, who says he will root for the Heat this season — except when they [play] the Chicago Bulls.

Bosh says “it was cool” meeting the president. Bosh says he doesn’t get nervous meeting people because “we’re all people at the end of the day.”

Yep, it’s definitely “cool” to meet the president. Lots of other, better words for it too, but “cool” definitely works.

And it’s way, way, way cool that Obama knew Bosh. Yeah, he’s briefed on everyone he meets and is a huge basketball fan, so it would actually be more surprising if he didn’t, but it’s still super cool that he did. So cool.

Ice cold, even.

(via PBT)