Unless you’re OK with broadcasting to the world that you’re one of the biggest Minnesota Timberwolves fans going, you might not want to buy a 10-game Flex Pack from the struggling franchise. Because if you do, everybody in Minneapolis is going to know about it:

The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced the next phase in the team’s innovative fan development program. Beginning this afternoon, all fans who take advantage of the team’s unique 10-game Flex Pack ticket offer will be able to “see their name in lights” on a new electronic billboard in downtown Minneapolis. [...]

Every fan who purchases a new 10-game Flex Pack between now and Oct. 30 will have their name posted on a large, electronic billboard recently installed on Block E in downtown Minneapolis (corner of Hennepin Ave. and 7th St.). Each fan will also receive a photo of their name in lights, and a gallery of all new ticket buyers’ photos will be available on the Timberwolves’ Facebook page.

Hey, if you’re crazy about Kevin Love’s line-beard, the idea of having more small forwards than anyone could possibly handle, and the passing of Darko Milicic, then this is right up your alley. Go nuts, get your name on a billboard and enjoy all the Luke Ridnour you could ever want as all of your friends and family congratulate you on your purchase and subsequent proclamation of team loyalty. Most people don’t get to see their name all done up in plasma, so this is a neat idea for that very specific group of fans.

If, however, you’re a Minnesotan who just wanted to have something fun to do 10 nights this winter without everyone thinking you’re a sucker who’s onboard The Kahn Train, maybe it’s best to make the purchase under a pseudonym like I did. Allow me to recommend Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar or Trace Millan, which are both fine fake names.

(via Sportress of Blogitude)