Can he drop 40? Check. Can he sell Maxi pads? Check. Can he kill bats? Check.

Manu Ginobili can do it all — including drawing up some winning X’s and O’s.

That’s right, with the Spurs trailing the Clippers by two in the final 10 seconds on Tuesday night in Mexico, Gregg Popovich handed Manu the clipboard and let him draw up the last play. All Ginobili knew, when he took the grease pen, was this (via S.A. Express): “I didn’t want to go to overtime. I wanted to get out of here.”

Ah, how very Kenny Powers of you, Manu.

Of course, the play Ginobili drew up worked to perfection, and Gary Neal — who had missed a potential go-ahead jumper on the Spurs’ previous possession — nailed the game-winning 3 with 1.5 seconds to go.

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But the coaching didn’t stop there.

According to 48 Minutes of Hell, after the Clippers called a timeout, Manu could be seen giving defensive instructions to the team. “Ginobili then went and sat down nervously on the bench, while most of the other players on the team were standing up. Funny moment.”

And then … Manu swallowed a spoonful of cinnamon. Guy’s a beast.