The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Drew Carey’s favorite NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. It rocks!

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  1. 16-66? Really? LeBron’s an amazing player, but certainly not worth 45 wins. I wouldn’t be stunned if the Cavs competed for the 8th seed, being in the East, having 2, maybe 3 fringe all-stars and a fairly deep bench.

  2. Woohoo, the vimeo player is back!!

    I’m not a Cavs fan by any means but I see them winning more than 16 games easily.

  3. If urine’s good for your skin why are you wearing those boots/shin-guards?

  4. They’re loafers, Welk. They do not reach my ankles. Thanks for watching though, albeit, not that closely.

  5. Hey Tas…was the “So many holes” a lil play on “So much to do…so much to do” I heard? HA! love it.

  6. Tas… how you gonna play me like that? 16 wins? Ouch.

    If you say 16 wins, then you have to say “also because they are going to have a firesale at the trade deadline and tank on purpose.” No way if these guys try that they win only 16. Have you not heard of Samardo Samuels?!?!

    LeBron’s wins added (Hollinger’s VORP for the NBA) has him about about 28 games. So since everything Hollinger says is 100% correct, I think they’ll win 38-40? Still might make the 8th seed in the East with that.

    /oh God we’re gonna be terrible

  7. I actually watched them on Monday night against Dallas and they looked all right, and that was without Varejao and Mo. They convinced me they’ll improve on those 16 wins. I’ll give them 17.

  8. When someone nicknamed “Flopsy” is your best player, you probably won’t be very good, but I think a rotation of Varejao-Jamison-Hickson-Moon-Parker-Williams-Sessions should top 16 wins rather easily.

  9. This is one sad preview to watch…

  10. Is Shaq a key departure?

    I hope those people from the mean streets of Greenford (or whatever the fuck it was called) Ohio are miserable all year long.

    All that said, Cleveland fans, if you’re worth anything at all, I expect LeBron to be abused when he comes back to the Q. He should be afraid to leave his hotel room.

    Boston has already failed on this. He hosted a party at a Boston night club the night before a Cavs/Celtics game……the fact that he wasn’t poisoned really speaks volume on how nobody takes pride in their cities anymore.

  11. LOL@ the danny gilbert notes

  12. you know if you’re telling me that rest of the cavaliers had so little to do with the 66 wins and that it was actually all lebron, you might as well go ahead and say that the heat are gonna be impossible to beat and are going to win about 75+ games. i don’t deny that lebron is a beast but this is a team sport. i think this is definitely a case where people aren’t so much overrating lebron but rather they are severely underrating lebron’s old teammates.

  13. Nice jeans, Tas.

    Don’t think they’ll be quite as bad as you think – more like 20-30 wins. Varejao, Williams and Jamison are capable players and there’s enough crappy teams in the league that they’ll be able to win at home.

    Absolutely zero chance of the playoffs, though.

  14. Ouch, that’s harsh. Sure they aren’t going to be good but New Jersey Nets bad? That’s a bit much. Also, don’t sleep on Ramon Sessions. I can see him getting back into form a la his Bucks days in Cleveland. Mo Williams will also need to channel his former Bucks’ self.

  15. Despite being weak on the wing, Cleveland should not be in the basement of the EC this season– that’s Toronto’s job. Sessions has every bit of business to be this team’s starting point guard, and fans can expect a much more fluid offense as a result. James was one hell of a point forward, but it’s time for someone a bit more natural at their position to take over. If the Cavs start Mo at the 2 with his solid outside shot, he and Sessions can switch off on defense to prevent size issues.

    If they can make a trade to add an improvement over Moon, they could push into the 8-12 pack that’ll be fighting for the 8th seed. Honestly, if you look at this roster it’s not bad. Nice frontcourt with Varejao, Powe, Hickson and Jamison. Serviceable yet not-so-flashy guards who are capable of big games. The problem is the 3 spot. Let’s see if they can get creative on the trade market.

  16. I think the loss of Shaq and Big Z will really hurt them. they are extremely undersized with defensive and offensive troubles from each player in their frontcourt. Combined with the lack of depth at the SF position. Their guards will have to do serious heavy lifting to create and make sure penetration is limited, which should work with Scott’s system of play. I don’t think they would have been as bad if it hadn’t been for Shaq and Z leaving as well. 16 wins is really bad and I don’t think they’ll be as bad as that, but anything over 25 wins is definitely going to impress me.

  17. mo certainly isnt a superstar but as a milwaukee fan who saw him play before he had lebron (i mean he had redd but with injuries thats not saying anything) i have to say he can be a solid leader and a reliable scorer. they definately took a huge step back especially in coaching but dont just scoff at mo. i say if they stay healthy and have varejao and jamison with mo leading the pack they can easilly manage at least 25 wins. playoffs? no. top lottery pick? no. just a painfully mediocre season? yes.

  18. lmao another Graham to the cavaliers

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