Good one, Dan Gilbert

Yep, that’s the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new floor, complete with a carryover from the old Quicken Loans Arena court — “” in owner Dan Gilbert’s favorite font, Comic Sans. Surely you remember his most recent foray with the much-maligned typeface in his bizarrely punctuated rant against LeBron James on the night of “The Decision.” It’s such a versatile and playful set of letters.

Those “Ban Comic Sans” people don’t even know what they’re talking about. Dan Gilbert does, for sure. This is basically the best font since hieroglyphics were in vogue, so it makes a lot of sense to use it whenever possible. Maybe even new jerseys for next season.

Think about it, Dan. Though I’m sure you already have.

(via Hightop Fadeaway)

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  1. the old floor actually had the CAVS.COM in comic sans as well. dude loves his comic sans…

  2. I bet he also wears sans-a-belt slacks.

  3. That’s been like that for like 4 years.

  4. well played gilbert, well played…..

  5. Actually, BriRex, this floor is totally brand new. As my man cole points out, it was on the old floor too. Everyone is right.

  6. I don’t even like basketball, Travis Kerby.


  7. Briatronics, I updated it to make things clearer because I want you to like basketball again.

  8. That’s not my name, Tray like is for carrying food.


    Hey have you seen Avatar yet.

  9. Been like that, last 4 seasons. It’s called research….do some.

  10. I welcome The Basketball Jones having a news/blog section now, but it is no value to me if its just the same pictures/videos that Ball Don’t Lie posts with different text. Find your own niche Trey, otherwise I don’t see what the point of visiting is.

  11. @ Maarten: If you ever looked at BDL when Trey was Editor, you’d know this IS HIS niche. Can’t help it if BDL wanted to continue with a good thing, even after he left. You’ve got it messed up, buddy.

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