LeBron James might be the most recognizable player in the NBA. He’s famous, very smiley and usually wears a headband over his steadily expanding forehead. Because of those things, people who don’t even know a thing about basketball know who he is, just from seeing a picture. Even my mom knows who LeBron is and she thought Allen Iverson’s name was “Iver Anderson” for the longest time.

Then, there’s Roberson Monis. He’s a Haitian busboy at a Miami restaurant and he has one of the most well-known faces on Earth — LeBron’s. Kind of.

From NBC Miami:

“I didn’t even know who this LeBron James is,” said Monis, who busses tables at the restaurant. “My ex-girlfriend, friends and even people at work tell me I look like [James].” [...]

“Even my manager still says, ‘Damn, You look like LeBron James,’” Monis said. [...]

“For me, he’s taller than me and he’s bigger than me,” said Monis, as he lists the obvious differences. “People think I look like him, but not him.”

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen LeBron James’ face day in and day out for the past few years, but I don’t see it. I get more of an Isaiah Rider vibe, personally. However, if you check out the video at NBC Miami, you will see people completely flip their lids for a guy who sort of looks like LeBron if he were a half-foot shorter. There are so many hugs, and a German fellow even checks the back of his jersey just to make sure it’s not LeBron. (In Germany, professional athletes apparently walk around in their own uniforms before games.)

Of course, this could end up very well for Monis. Not only is he going to get much love and respect every time he walks around American Airlines Arena in a “Kuperstein” jersey, he also just might get a spot in LeBron’s entourage. James is obviously fond of himself, so I’m sure he’d be OK with having a second LeBron around.