Don Nelson’s gone, there are new owners running the team and there are spiffy new jerseys clothing their backs. It’s a new era for the Golden State Warriors. After 16 years of futility — and just two above .500 seasons and one magical playoff appearance — it’s about time. Leading the Dubs in to that new era are a couple of hotshot guards in Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, who are both very good.

Last year, we might’ve been talking about how weird it would be for those two to play together with Monta’s obvious disdain for the similarly-styled Curry. Not anymore. This year the team captain is all about getting along with the the sophomore standout. That’s good news, and for that, Warrior fans, you can thank Ellis’ wife.

From Marcus Thompson at the Oakland Tribune:

Juanika is a Memphis police officer who is six years older than Ellis, who turns 25 later this month. She didn’t go along with whatever Ellis said and had no problem “putting me in my place when I needed to be put into place,” he said.

She told Ellis he was wrong for saying he couldn’t play with point guard Stephen Curry and advised him to apologize. She implored Ellis to let go of his beef with the organization, that he was only hurting himself by carrying that weight. [...]

“It’s always good to have that person, that better half, to keep you grounded,” Ellis said. “It’s great to have that someone you can sit down and have that comfort with. All that partying and stuff, I did that. It wasn’t successful for me. I just go home to a peaceful house. It’s just lovely right now.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of being alive, it’s that you don’t mess around with lady cops. If they tell you to get along with your hyper-talented teammate who just so happens to play very similar to you, then you do it. Keep the peace, Monta.

Plus, if things work out right and the Golden State Warriors show improvement, a female police officer teaching her athlete husband how to get along with his teammates is reality show gold. After all, there’s certainly a precedent for NBA guards getting shows with their wives.

Someone get Mark Burnett on the phone.