Losing sucks. Everybody knows that. When it comes to listing the worst things in the world, losing is pretty high up there, somewhere around getting punched in the face. People say that losing a close, well played game is better than losing a blowout, but in reality they’re both terrible. This paragraph has hopefully established that losing is not the world’s greatest, like that R. Kelly song that Tas likes so much.

In the NBA, even though teams can play 100 games in a season, every loss is a major bummer for the more intense guys in the league. However, there’s a special level of sadness reserved for losing a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. It’s bad enough that it means no championship, but the team that loses also has an entire summer to think about that loss. Paul Pierce knows what I’m talking about.

How long does it take a competitive person like you to get over a seventh-game loss in the NBA (finals)? A week? A month? Ever?

“I still haven’t gotten over it. It’s tough. Because you envision back, and say, ‘if we could have done this different, that different in the game, it would have been a different outcome.’ So, it’s hard. You think about the what ifs and all of that. I don’t think you ever forget it.”

What’s the process? Do you go in your bedroom for a couple of days and sleep, and then don’t shave for a while, or don’t bathe, and then finally come out of the shell?

“I didn’t talk to people for a long time. I didn’t watch any basketball for a long time. I sort of kind of did go into a shell. I didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t even want to go out and eat for a while, because you just felt that bad about the loss. But then as I got back into the gym and working out, I just used it for motivation and just sort of loosened up from there.”

If a guy like Paul Pierce doesn’t want to eat, then you know it must be horrible to lose the very last game of the season. It’s that serious because that man loves him some bean burritos.

Losing an NBA championship in the very last game is so crushing, apparently, that a grown-up would not even want to leave the house like a teenage girl who had her boyfriend, Trace Millan, dump her for that harpie Beatrix Trimbleton right before homecoming. Being an older player like DJ Pauly P probably doesn’t help either. The Celtics are going to be good this year, but they’re running out of chances and the Eastern Conference is going to be very good this year.

I’m not saying the Celtics can’t win this season’s title, but Paul Pierce might want to stock up on DVDs just in case he has to spend next summer locked in his house. “The Social Network” was really good and that should be out by then, so there’s one option. Maybe pick up “How To Train Your Dragon” too. For the kids.