You know, I don’t think we talk enough about the fact that Mike Miller used to have a tiny pet monkey named Sonny. This is a monkey that once broke out of Miller’s house, let his dogs out, and then proceeded to ride one of those dogs around the neighborhood. That’s the kind of thing that should be brought up, oh, once or twice a day at the minimum, especially since Miller’s the fourth highest-paid player on this year’s most high-profile NBA team. More monkey talk, people.

At the very least, we need to at least consider having a symposium about the photo shoot that Mike did with Sonny back in 2001. Between the corny jungle background, Mike Miller’s haircut and the undeniable truth that this is a professional basketball player posing for NBA-sanctioned photographs with a pet monkey, there’s a lot to discuss. Have at it.

“Hey there, little guy. What’s that? You want to watch the 1994 film ‘Monkey Trouble’ starring Harvey Keitel when we get home? Again? You sure do love that movie.

Oh, you know, just your normal 6-foot-8 professional basketball player from South Dakota holding a miniature monkey by the tail picture. Pretty standard, really.

Let’s hope the Heat somehow work this image in to some anti-Orlando propaganda for their big intrastate showdowns with the Magic. It could be very effective, I think.

Just remember, guys, Mike Miller used to have a tiny monkey named Sonny that he had to get rid of because it was too possessive. Never forget.