Anthony Mason is an optimist

As Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk pointed out earlier this week, new New York Knicks assistant Anthony Mason has been given the hardest job in the world — getting Eddy Curry ready to play in the NBA. After showing up to camp 25 pounds overweight and then getting hurt almost immediately, even Bravo’s thinterventionist Jackie Warner would have a hard time readying Curry for game speed. But you have to start somewhere if you want to break in to the ranks of coaching, even if that somewhere is elbow-deep in the stomach of a tremendously gigantic human being.

That’s why it’s good that Mason has the positive mental outlook that motivational gurus such as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar say is so important. If he just believes it, there’s nothing to it. From the New York Daily News:

“If you get Eddy back on the court, the sky’s the limit,” Mason said after practice yesterday. “I think if he continues to work hard, then he has the talent. With the additions that they have on the team now, you imagine getting him back on the court how he was some years ago. Along with Stoudemire and Raymond Felton and the new additions, it could be awesome.”

That’s a lot of ifs, you guys. Big ups to Anthony Mason for giving this a shot, but if he’s relying on Eddy Curry working hard as a means of him getting back on the court, then he is a crazy person which we kind of already knew. Either that or he’s the driest comedian in the history of jokes. He did use the term “the sky’s the limit” in reference to a horribly out-of-shape 325 lb. behemoth of a man, after all. Context clues.

On the other hand, if Mason somehow gets Curry motivated to the point where he works hard and gets back in playing shape and is indeed awesome for the Knicks, Mase should be rewarded. Not just with a permanent assistant coaching position, either. No, he should get to be the head coach for every team in the NBA because he will have just accomplished the most amazing feat in the history of fitness, instruction and learning combined.

Good luck, Anthony Mason. You’ll need it.

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  1. I think the main problem with Curry is that he just doesn’t like playing basketball that much. Players are motivated by different things (money, competition, etc) but at the root of it all is the fact that they have always loved playing basketball. Eddy never did. He wanted to be a gymnast, then he got the perfect body for basketball and switched over to make a career of it. Then he signed a huge contract, and his motivation is – poof – gone. Plus, with all the other shit that’s been going on in his life recently, it’s no wonder that he can’t get motivated to play. It’s not like the Knicks even need him. D’Antoni probably doesn’t mind if Eddy sits the bench for another season.

  2. Sure, Mason is saying all the right things about getting Curry NBA-ready, but have you actually seen Mason himself these days?? He’s on the Eddy Curry workout regimen!

    He was on a local sports show here in NYC a few days ago, and unless one camera adds 10 lbs and he was in front of several of them, I’d guess that Mason’s tipping the scales at close to four bills than Curry is!

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