I get it — the Run DMC shirt thing again. People loved it when LeBron James wore one, so I can see why DeMarcus Cousins would have one of these shirts from A Royal Pain. After all, he did get zero percent of the votes from NBA GMs who were asked who would win Rookie of the Year this season.

(via Hooped Up)

Comments (5)

  1. Man on a mission. He’s got my vote.

  2. Finally some swagger amongst the rookies. I want to see some cut-throat competition between DMC, Wall, Griffin and even possibly Turner and Johnson.

  3. It’s going to be between DMC and Griffin, I think.

  4. Where did DeMarcus get Tyreke;s shirt from? Boy, Tyreke is going to be mad when he finds out how much DeMarcus stretched it out. There will be words exchanged.

    DeMarcus has a good shot at ROY. Someone from Kentucky will probably get it. But…the DMC reference is lost on me here. How is Darryl McDaniels going to be rookie of the year? He doesn’t even play in the NBA. Adidas should do something about that.

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