The New Jersey Nets have been in China the past few days, hoping to build their reputation as the NBA’s first truly international team and increase the NBA’s global reach all while getting some reps in against the Houston Rockets. But judging by that picture up there, their real goal has been to buy as many wacky hats as possible. Count ‘em up — that’s six zany hats out of 14 guys, plus two dudes just kickin’ it in the standard baseball cap. That’s a nice percentage.

And these are some nice hats.

Derrick Favors went with a nice general’s hat to help make his head look very tall. It’s a nice nod to China’s historic Red Army, because that’s something that people always want to be reminded of. Terrance Williams also can be seen rocking this lid. It looks so regal that it makes sense that more than one Net would pick it up.

Anthony Morrow knows that when you’re tobogganing with gigantic headphones on, you need a low-profile hat that’s still going to allow you bond with your teammates at the hat store. If the accents on that hat just so happen to match the accents on the headphones, all the better.

The winner for best hat is Damion James. Obviously. Look at that thing — it’s like a combination of something Lady Gaga would wear mixed with Chevy Chase’s topper in “Spies Like Us” with a little Daniel Boone thrown in for good measure. It might seem like he’s trying to hard to be cool by getting the biggest hat possible, but when he’s a rookie just hoping to fit in. Give the man a break. And give him a hand for that incredible hat.