We’re about two weeks in to the preseason and the biggest story in the NBA is refereeing. Fun times. There is truly nothing better in life than talking about rules that will not be enforced within two months. Nonetheless, since players are getting quick technicals now, they’re talking about those technicals.

Well, at least one guy is, and that’s Shaquille O’Neal. The Celtics are in Toronto today and our own Holly MacKenzie was on hand to hear The Big Shamrock — killer nickname — talk about his teammate getting the boot, emotions in the NBA and what he thinks about the new rules.

“I just think that if you give those guys that much control you might as well start selling their jerseys at Footlocker. This is an emotional game. I know when I pay the money to different arenas and I take my sons and my daughters, I want to see everything. I want to see them talking smack, I want to see it all. You can’t try to just cut off an emotional game — expect people not to have emotion.

“[I'll] say that you can probably cut out the secondary and the third emotion, but if you hit me with this mic right here, like this, I’m gonna at least go, ‘Whoa, what you doing?’ I can’t just let you hit me with the mic and just keep talking, ‘Yeah, everything’s good, I love Toronto,’ you know what I’m saying? I’ve got to at least have that, ‘What are you doing?’ I think they [should] give us room to respectfully react once, sometimes maybe twice. Matter of fact, just keep it like the way it was.”

“The other night, I don’t think KG did anything to get tossed out. Like I said, [you're] going to give them that much control you might as well start selling their jerseys. Might as well make them stars.”

That sound you just heard was David Stern’s brain trying to calculate just how big Shaq’s fine should be. $25,000 sounds about right, if I were guessing. Too bad, because that’d buy a lot of replica ref jerseys.