The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Seattle’s least favorite NBA franchise, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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  1. Wow, not crazy-high on OKC? That’s definitely going against the grain. If Durant only had a character flaw, all this attention and love he’s been getting this summer could make me hate him.

    Maybe I hate his lack of flaws. Down with nice guys!!


  2. Even if you’re not high on OKC, I find it hard to believe they won’t at least equal their win total from last year. Westbrook made huge strides between years one and two, and he was arguably the 2nd best player on Team USA behind Durant this summer. Harden, Ibaka and Maynor will all be entering their 2nd seasons. They improved their frontcourt depth with Aldrich. And Durant somehow looked even better than last season this summer. It’s cool that you guys are tempering expectations (it’d be pretty foolish to predict they’ll win more than 55 games), I think you went a bit too far with it.

  3. Unless Durant slips backwards, I can’t see the Thunder not matching their totals from last season.

  4. With a weaker West you predict the Thunder to perform worse than last season? I understand tempered expectations, but that’s a bad call… barring some serious injuries. I’ll be excited when Basketball Jones (pronounced all Canadian and shit) win prediction is met in late March. Put me down for 55 wins. Thunder up!

  5. Kyle, I think “barring some serious injuries” is the key component here.

    The slip in production assumes that they will have injuries like a normal season, as opposed to last year’s freak season.

  6. These are college kids who bounce back from anything within a day. I don’t see anyone suffering any significant injury.

    Mayhaps there is a reason they didn’t get injured last year? (My bet is that Sam Presti is literally a wizard.)

  7. I think that the injury thing is a bit overstated. Sure, there is always the possibility of injuries. However, the Thunder are better set up to cope with injuries this year

    While they didn’t add any difference makers to the roster this year, they did add a lot of depth.

    With Cook, Peterson and Aldrich added to the roster, I think the Thunder can withstand some injuries that would have been catastrophic last year.

    That said, I would be more concerned about the Thunder front court. A lot of teams in the West got better in the paint over the off season. Blake Griffin will be healthy, the Kings added Cousins and Blair is killin it San Antonio. And Portland will be at least marginally healthier. And it remains to be seen what will happen in New Orleans. Memphis is also playing very well.

    I think the Thunder stayed relatively static while a lot of other teams got better. That could hurt.

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