The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, every bearded hipster’s favorite NBA franchise, the Portland Trail Blazers.

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  1. best mystery box so far. better than kobe/artest and big baby/garnett. hahaha

  2. Oh man, you went back to that Greg video! Great move. I love that guy.

    Last season was too emotional. Please please stay healthy, Blazers. I mean, get healthy, then stay healthy.

    54 wins sounds right to me. Nice work, Mr. Melas.

  3. huh i thought it was pronounced rah-men not ray-men?

  4. I have eaten 14 mini payday bars today. Talk about underrated. It’s like the ginger ale of candy bars.

  5. Illmatic and Nick L. Gosh I’m feeling nostalgic, TBJ commenting circa 2008.

  6. I don’t think anyone doubts the Blazers talent, Tas, but 1. Kevin Durant and 2. they won’t stay healthy.

    I think they’re a very solid outfit, more than capable of going on a playoff run if fit, but I just can’t see them staying fit for the regular season. They’ll be good – the Thunder will be better.

  7. Drewski- The Thunder were not better when they were 100 percent healthy and the Blazers were plagued with more injuries than any other team in the league, so why would they suddenly be better when the Blazers are actually healthy. You might want to remember that injuries happen to every team in the league, and the Thunder are due for some this season.

  8. The Blazers starting with their days with Kenny A, Mighty Mouse and Sabonis had exciting, underrated teams which unfortunately never completely broke through.

    Hopefully one day they”ll make it.

  9. drewski you ignorant slut what the hell does Kevin Durant have anything to do with the Blazers success. Batum shut his ass down last time they played.

  10. It’s pronounced raw-min noodles, not ray-min haha. Nice try, TBJ. Overall, great feature. I love watching these segments.

  11. They didn’t show the end of that clip where Oden ruptured his achilles singing karaoke.

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