Everyone knows that preseason basketball games don’t really matter. The teams that are playing are just doing their best to not get hurt while getting a chance to run through things at NBA speed. The coaches are trying to see what kind of personnel they have to deal with. The fans are aware that no matter what happens, the end results are inconsequential.

But even though nothing really matters, people are still paying to see some NBA basketball and it’d only be fair if they got their money’s worth. Right, Stan Van Gundy? From the Orlando Sentinel:

“It’s a legitimate gripe,” Van Gundy told me when I asked what he would say to fans who purchased seats. “I understand if people were upset.”

Immediately after the game, Van Gundy said he wanted to see his back-ups perform as a group, which is why he started them all.

He also figured Thursday night “would be the least attended game of the four (home preseason games).” The Magic called it a sell-out of 18,846.

Fifteen minutes after I left Van Gundy, he called my cell.

“It’s been bugging me,” he said. “I want to say I’m sorry and I was wrong. I thought I reasoned it through, but I can’t justify it. If it was the first game that somebody came out to see, you bring your kids … I’d be upset, too.

“I won’t do it again.”

It takes a big man to admit he’s when wrong, and Stan Van Gundy is that big man. People want to see their Dwight Howard dunks, and from now on Van Gundy’s going to give it to ‘em. He’s a real class act.

A screaming, mustachioed class act, but a class act all the same.

(via SLAM)