There it is: the inaugural version of LeBron James’ new Nike sneaker — the “LeBron 8 South Beach.”

According to the Associated Press, the kicks were unveiled Saturday by LeBron, at a Miami event where the two-time NBA MVP spoke to 100 children about the upcoming Heat season and what went into designing his eighth signature sneaker. (Um, one part Florida Marlins, one part Miami Dolphins, one part “Miami Vice”?)

Other color schemes, including ones featuring the Heat red and black, are expected to drop later this month.

It retails for $160.

So what do you think? Will you be taking your foot’s talents to South Beach? Let’s hear it.

And oh, check out Sneaker Obsession for more photos and video.

UPDATE: LeBron just tweeted this pic:

Comments (13)

  1. dont really like them…

  2. doesn’t it seem a bit wrong that he’s marketing $160 shoes to “children”?
    the shoe itself, i think, is pretty cool. actually this colorway saves the shoe, IMO. it’s quite a bit better looking than the standard black/red colorway.

  3. San Antonio circa 1990.

  4. Hideous! Awful! Ugly! Has as much class as it’s namesake.

  5. That’s one ugly shoe. I hope this doesn’t mean that highlighter colors are coming back in to favor.

  6. Also the colors of “The Basket” in The Basketball Jones new logo. As one South Beach native would say – we have ourselves a “situation”.

  7. they look like they should be popping out beneath a pair of stonewashed Jordache jeans.

  8. lmaoo @ all these fools. These are some of the best sneakers ever. The design colorways and sneaker complex are insane.

    But no sneaker knowledge is allowed in here so…..

  9. The late ’80′s called, and they want their colours back…Everything there has suddenly gone black and white…Wait, Marty McFly just bought a pair…

    Seriously, they look a bit bulky and ridged for sharp and quick cuts. The low ankle at the back doesn’t look that good for anyone with too many ankle problems. And with only a few airholes, they don’t look at first instance to be that breathable. But I don’t have a pair yet, so I’m just speculating on photos…

  10. I’d only agree with Chris and Tas if you switched the black laces for bright orange.

  11. lebron is what 260 pounds…it has a basketball specific 360 max air unit. The 7s were really comfy for bigger people. Nike has also produced a lightweight version of each lebron’s last signature shoe that looks the same but is less bulky and for lighter guards. The colors on these make the shoe.

  12. The shoe game has been lacking. Nike is pumping ok shoes out but nothing
    compared to what it was in the 90′s. If you disagree with me on that statement you’ve already lost all credibility. Honestly not feeling these kicks. But I’m sure they’re the kind that grow on you.

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