I’m not sure if other teams are creating highlight packs like this one put together by the Minnesota Timberwolves after their 114-109 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday — but if they’re not, they should be. The high resolution, the floor-level perspective and the sweet soundtrack all contribute to make this video a lot more enthralling than one would typically expect from a T-Wolves highlight pack.

Check out the Olajuwon-esque post moves by Darko Milicic early in the video. Could T-Wolves GM David Kahn end up having the last laugh about his team? They’re 5-1 so far in preseason, which doesn’t suck even if the games are meaningless. Anyway, while we don’t know yet how much talent they have on the court, the T-Wolves appear to have some All-Star-quality video editors in their organization.