That right there is a special “Gold Rush” colorway of the Reebok ZigTech Slash that John Wall will be wearing for his first pro game in the Big Apple against the Knicks. Get excited, Wizards fans.

They are … something. Squiggly, triangle-y and goldish come to mind as descriptors. Also, now that I look more closely, “beige cuneiform resting on a child’s depiction of water” seems to be a pretty fair characterization of this shoe. It’s an interesting concept.

Because any rookie’s first trip to New York City is exciting, there are only going to be 12 pairs of these shoes available for purchase. Classic marketing ploy, or knowing your audience? I can’t imagine gold shoes are going to sell terribly well, but if they’re marketed as exclusive to big-time John Wall fans, then those people are going to be dying to get these on their feet.

As a former owner of gold shoes, I’ll probably take a pass. Not because they’re so crazy looking — which they are — but because it’s hard to find the right outfit to pair with metallic kicks. First world problem, right there.

Just in case you couldn’t tell from that huge wordmark across the back, these are made by Reebok. I don’t know if that’s clear enough.

Michael Johnson would be jealous.

(via Dime)