Very soon after winning his very first championship ring, Ron Artest pledged to the world that he’d be auctioning off his very first championship ring. Given his transformation from the NBA’s most feared player to key-to-Las Vegas-having philanthropist, it was a very Ron Artest thing to do — something selfless that’s just a little bit wacky.

Now that season is getting ready to start — eight more days, you guys! — the Lakers are about to be given their rings, which means it’s nearly time for Artest to raffle off his ring. True to form, he’s going through with it. From ESPN:

With his longheld NBA title goal met, Lakers forward Ron Artest is putting a lasting piece of it on sale for the public, raffling his championship ring online at

Tickets are $2 a piece with a minimum purchase of five tickets. The raffle will be held from the offices of on Dec. 25, the same day the Lakers host the Miami Heat as the headliner of a five-game Christmas Day lineup for the NBA.

The proceeds will go to Artest’s non-profit organization, Xcel University, which then will select two charities — one in Los Angeles, one nationally — to receive the money.

That’s right. You could have your very own Los Angeles Lakers championship ring for just $10. Not a bad deal, at all. And with entry fees so low, he’ll probably raise tons of money for charity. Who wouldn’t want a shot at an enormous, gaudy piece of Lakers jewelry for just $10?

Of course, in true Artest fashion, on the day this news is released, his website has no mention of the raffle. I’d guess it’ll be up soon, but who knows? This is a guy who forgets to register his minature sports car before taking it out for a spin, so literally anything could happen.

Nonetheless, Artest is really raffling off his one and only championship ring to raise money for charity, and that’s a cool thing. Like, having “defense” dyed in to your hair in various languages levels of cool.