The Basketball Jones is getting you caught up on all 30 NBA teams before the season starts October 26. Up next, Bill Henrickson’s first, second and third wife’s favorite NBA franchise, the Utah Jazz.

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  1. hmmmm I coulda swore I saw this one last week.

  2. It’s possible. We had released it via The Score player, but hadn’t dropped it on the blog.

  3. That means Sheldon watched the dancing man twice. Yikes.

  4. Indeed. that dancing man is transfixing.

  5. Thanks for the Awesome preview of the Jazz. First off do not ever, ever try and lump that guy in with Utah just because of “Jazz hands” that was the third most disturbing thing I have ever seen on the intertubes. and second, I am already sick of the new theme song. Sorry guys I do not want any bones attacking me. Seriously, I downloaded that song and listened to the whole thing and I just. cant. do it. Every time I would cue up the Basketball Jones last season I would get all excited hearing the horns play the fanfare at the beginning of your Podcast. That feeling no longer exists.

    P.S. Trey Kirby- Welcome to the Jones. Glad to have you!

  6. There will be growing pains with regards to Big Al. He’s more of a isolation post-up big man, and less of a P&R big man. That being said, he’s got great hands, and P&Rs are also effective for creating mismatches which both D-Will and Big Al can exploit.

    I’m curious to see how he does this season.

  7. Interesting ‘graph from The Trib:

    “If it wasn’t for Hayward’s break-out game, I think the main story would have been Big Al on Gasol. Gasol has killed us on both ends of the floor. Last night though, Al was disrupting shots and getting shots off against him. We haven’t had that before. Gasol finished the game off stronger but I like this match-up in a one-on-one [scenario].”

  8. Big Al’s time with the Celtics (particularly the ’07 season) was basically just him refining his offensive post moves. It was exciting to see him develop that way, but he gave up just as many on the other end. If being on a good team suddenly gets him interested in developing his defensive game, he will be a beast. The man loves Ruth’s Chris.

  9. Fuckin’ hell guys, I was eating. It’ll be interesting to see how Big Al’s mediocre D shapes up under Sloan.

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